Scavenger in Southie

Literally finding 100 new reasons to love South Boston.

South Boston Vets Need Kudos, Pizzaz – Raising Funds

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It all started with a Challenge

Are you “on the court” or “in the stands” in the game of life?

I took a challenge from my friend Jeneen Terrana (who is holding a fundraiser in NYC) to raise $50,000 for the VFWs on Ellery St. That’s why I’m holding Scavenger in Southie – to have fun and raise money for veterans!

So why the VFW?

Victoria in Iraq

Victoria the “Victory of America” Palace near Baghdad.

I spent seven months of 2011 in Iraq as a civilian working for the Department of Defense and my husband just completed 10 years of active duty with two tours in Afghanistan. Both of us have a deep appreciation for military members, their families, and all who support them. Most importantly, we hold a special respect for veterans – those who risked their lives to further an American cause and preserve our freedoms. Kinda simple, but BIG too.

Looking for South Boston Vets

I am looking for South Boston veterans to interview and profile here. Do you know a Southie Vet or current service member?

In the comments below please share what you know!


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