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Top 5 Scavenger Hunt Videos on YouTube

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I wanted to find the best scavenger hunt videos on YouTube. Here are my picks:

  1. A Scavenger Hunt You Shall Complete – This video is about a couple giving each other presents via scavenger hunt. Although it starts out a little cheesy (a la mouthing “i love yous” and kisses to the camera), if you can get through the sappyness it does have tons of ideas for how to hold a scavenger hunt for your loved one (and you get to be the present at the end)!
  2. Creating Video Responses to a YouTube Scavenger Hunt – Play along with others on YouTube! CharlesTrippy asks viewers to complete 13 tasks – and they include items like: Sing Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” in a public place, Re-enact a scene from your favorite movie in a public place, and one of my favorites: Prank call one of your friends. Those never get old! Participants recorded themselves acting out these items and submitted them as video responses, so there are plenty to view!
  3. Wedding Proposal – I like the variety of clues in this video – a word search, tons of silly tasks, collecting letters to spell out a word, and an adventure around town. It’s a little long, but there are tons of ideas to create your own hunt.
  4. Jimmy Kimmel Live Scavenger Hunt – All of these people on tv are related and Jimmy asks them to put all sorts of embarrassing items up on skype for the world to see! “Are you prepared to crush members of your own family?” asks Jimmy… Part 2 is here. Facial expressions on this are hilarious.
  5. AND THE TOP SCAVENGER HUNT VIDEO – A proposal! – While this is a video they played at their wedding, the story of the proposal starts at the 4:33 mark. The now-husband in this video flies his girlfriend to Catalina Island as part of the hunt, and you can’t go wrong with a Temper Trap or Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros theme songs…
  6. Aaand, I added 6th Video! – because once I started on this post, I just couldn’t stop. The cinematography and editing in this one are above par, all the slow parts are cut out and you get to the YES quickly!

I wanna know, do you agree with my rankings? What other great videos are out there? In the comments below tell me what you think of this list and whether there are other scavenger hunt videos out there that are funnier or wittier!

My only suggestion is to not get sidetracked with the volume of interesting youtube videos out there. This is how the rest of my night went on YouTube after drafting this post: Scavenger Hunt videos –> Wedding Proposal Scavenger Hunt videos –> Military proposal videos –> Military homecoming videos –> TEARS. Good tears.


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