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Scavenger Hunt Proposal

Real World Scavenger Hunt – A Scavenger Hunt Proposal and Why You Shouldn’t Always Get a Girl “What She Wants”


This guest blog post comes from a friend of mine in Texas, Jess Smith – a wife, mom, Texas Aggie, blogger, and resume writer. Need a resume makeover? Follow her on Twitter @ResumeButterfly or visit

When I started this blog, I immediately remembered my friend Jessica Smith was proposed to by scavenger hunt! She visited places all over College Station, TX and was completely shocked at the end result. Even though it is not in Texas, I asked Jess to tell us what her top tips were and share her scavenger hunt story. Then, I wanna know – where did all of your special moments happen in Southie?

Planning your own Scavenger Hunt?

Top 4 Tips from Zach Smith

  1. Pick the end location first,
  2. Involve family and friends,
  3. Pick meaningful stops and write out the clues, and
  4. Have fun and take pictures!  What a great adventure!
Read the rest of her story…

The best birthday surprise!

Scrapbook Pages that Started the Scavenger Hunt

Scrapbook Pages that Started the Scavenger Hunt

The adventure begins… my boyfriend Zach made me a scrapbook page (so creative and thoughtful!) and gave me a bunch of scrapbooking supplies for my birthday on January 26, 2005. He told me that he was finishing my gift and that we would go to dinner the next night.

Well, we weren’t really going out to eat… he had a scavenger hunt planned all over a town called College Station and around Texas A&M University to some of our favorite spots.  He called me the day after my birthday and told me to look on the back of scrapbook page that he had made and that he’d see me later. I found a clue taped on the back “I hope you don’t mind this little scavenger hunt… at the end awaits something that you want…” I immediately thought that I was getting a puppy! The first clue led me to U Paint It – the pottery store where I worked.

Then I headed to Albritton Clock Tower where I was met by my friends Sara, Caitlin, and Keri with umbrellas and the third scrapbook page and clue. Next his roommate Erik and my friend Logan were at the Sul Ross statue on campus. Erik had written a song and played the mandolin too.  Awesome!

Scavenger Hunt Proposal Clues

Scavenger Hunt Proposal Clues

Engagement Song from Erik Baumgarten

“A simple scrapbook birthday gift,
Oh no! much more is here…
A rhyme, a riddle, a clue
It’s true! A puzzle for you my dear.
The 1st clue sent her down the
street & out into the rain.
Pottery, her boss, “what can it mean?”
Jessica racked her brain.
To campus she went to a clock so tall,
A clue at the tower of Albritton sent her to a soldier,
A penny collector to Sul Ross she did call.
At Sully’s feet a minstrel sings the story of your night
And beside him to send her on her way is her friend from LEAD L. Wright.
To your second home you must go
Walk that way to the SPO. {Student Programs Office}”

At the Student Programs Office my friend Lyndsey and Marielle from MSC LEAD (a student organization) gave me another scrapbook page that Zach had made and the next clue. The whole crew followed me to Rumor’s Deli on campus, site of many ice cream and lunch dates, and my roommate Lauren and friends Matt and TJ were there!

Scavenger Hunt Proposal

And then I was blindfolded!

Then I was blindfolded!  At this point, I was beginning to think that it might not be a puppy at the end of the scavenger hunt; especially when I arrived at the Memorial Student Center balcony. I opened my eyes to find my parents, brother Jeff, and Aunt Wanda. What a HUGE surprise… my dad is a pilot and I thought he was on a trip to Florida!

I was blindfolded again and headed down the stairs to the last stop.

Zach was standing in the rain at Cain Eagle Park (I was too excited to even notice the rain)

He got down on one knee and proposed at Cain Eagle in the pouring rain.

My answer, “YES, but I thought I was getting a puppy at the end of the hunt!”

I love you, Babe. I can’t believe how many people knew about this for weeks, even months in advance. What an awesome surprise and birthday present.  I love how much thought he put into this special night.  Our first kiss was at Cain Eagle and it was at the end of a scavenger hunt too! It was so sweet and such a surprise. Getting married to you was so much better than a puppy!

Jess & Zach Smith

Jess & Zach Smith Today

p.s. We did finally go out to eat like he promised and we got to celebrate our engagement with my family at Christopher’s World Grille.

We’ve been married for 6 years and have two great kiddos.  This spring we took another family picture in front of Cain Eagle.

Now, I wanna know: Where are the places in Southie that mean the most to you? Your first kiss? Your favorite restaurant? Let me know in the comments below.


3 thoughts on “Real World Scavenger Hunt – A Scavenger Hunt Proposal and Why You Shouldn’t Always Get a Girl “What She Wants”

  1. Most meaningful Southie place: my husband and I exchanged vows at a very small ceremony at the Mothers Rest Pavilion at Carson Beach.

  2. I’m so glad we got to share our story for such a great cause!

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