Scavenger in Southie

Literally finding 100 new reasons to love South Boston.

Real World Scavenger Hunt – An Easy Hunt to do When You’re Bored or When the Next Monsoon Hits Southie

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James & Sara

James & Sara

A British relative-of-a-friend named James was visiting South Boston last week. He happened to be over when those insane monsoons were plaguing South Boston. His host worked during the day, so on day two of being cooped up inside I offered to either 1) drive him to some cool spots and drop him off, OR 2) create a quick scavenger hunt for him to discover these places on his own.

It was really a random offer, and I had never done this before, but James said yes to Option #2! It took me all of ten minutes to scribble down some directions on a piece of scrap paper and off he went with an umbrella and a camera. Here’s a quick note from him after the hunt and then I’ll show you where I sent him in Southie.

As a visitor from England, not to mention a man with no sense of direction, I was apprehensive about going on a scavenger hunt in a city I didn’t know. It turned out my fears were ungrounded as the clues were easy to follow but fun and interesting at the same time. I found it a great way to see parts of the city and despite the rain I had a very enjoyable time!


Random James-erific Scavenger Hunt

–          Walk down the lane that begins with the name of your school towards “Ye Olde” Bath House

L St Bath House

Ye Olde’ Bath House

–          Turn left and meander among the joggers, dogs, & strollers

  • How many pugs do you run into? —0—
  • Take a photo with each one?

–          Walk past the yacht clubs

  • How many are there? —4—
South Boston Yacht Club

South Boston Yacht Club

–          Before you come to jump on the playground to your left, look to your right & near the sand you’ll notice a solemn place for those of the War to End German Aggression

South Boston WWII Memorial

Memorial to the War to End German Aggression

  • Write your favorite quote you see here
  • “We shall never fear ….
  • Can you read this quote?
Scavenger Hunt Quote

Can you read this?

–          Turn right and walk on water until you see a grassy area & a series of domes & benches out on the water.

  • Stop and smell the ocean.
Head Island Causeway

Domes @ the Head Island Causeway. I can definitely smell the ocean in this picture.

–          Continue around the walkway towards the fort. A fort with pirates and treasure.

  • Take a photo of you trying to climb up or at the top of the fort.

** Right about here is where I got my first “International” phone call.

–          If you make it all the way around the fort without getting lost or swashbuckling, you’ll come across a tasty shack no Muslim would eat at. If you’d like, order a burger.

  • Take a photo

–          Loop back around with the shipyards to your right. Stop at the playgrounds this time for one last hurrah – photo! – then, return home.

** Right about here is where I got my second “International” phone call – which I answered this time. Everything was closed – even Sully’s – probably due to rain. So, I directed James to head down to the circle where East Broadway starts and then head home. Which he did. No photos of this. 


My tips?

  1. Pick a route you know well
  2. Use Google maps to help you draft a list of places to go
  3. Pick easily visible places
  4. Add a “tip line” with your phone number at the top of the hunt list (James had to call twice because I forgot he had an international number and was screening his calls!)
  5. Add tasks and ask the hunt-er to take photos proving they went to places and completed tasks

Too easy! So tell me, where are your go-to places you direct visitors when they come to see you or South Boston? Did James answer all of my scavenger hunt questions correctly? What did you do during the monsoon rains? Let me know in the comments below.


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