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#findmeinsouthie – What to do when you find an orange toy soldier in Southie

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Scavenger in Southie LogoSo you found a meticulously spray painted toy soldier tagged “SCAVENGER IN SOUTHIE” somewhere in South Boston? Maybe it was a mailbox, on your bike tire, or on a window sill. Fantastic! You probably Googled it to find out what the heck it was and landed here!

My plan worked!

 What the heck is #findmeinsouthie?

#findmeinsouthie is a real world scavenger hunt game I created in South Boston, MA to get you excited for a scavenger hunt day I’m holding on September 1st, 2012!


Where did I leave the Southie Army Men?

  1. Look for these little orange dudes (that’s what I call them) around South Boston landmarks and businesses,
  2. Take photos of you finding them, and
  3. Post those photos to any of our social media sites.
  4. Use the #findmeinsouthie hashtag on twitter especially to make sure we know you found them!
  5. For extra points, re-launch your Orange Southie Army Men “out into the wild” to continue the game and post a photo here.

We’ll be tracking who posts them, who posts the most, and maybe you’ll get a prize at the end of the hunt! You will definitely get a good time, and each launch of little orange dudes will get more challenging as we near HUNT DAY.

Orange Southie Army Men

Where is this guy at?

Other ways to play

Even if you don’t find the Orange Southie Army Men in real life, you can still have fun playing the game online. Find photos of the men on any of our social media sites and tell us where you think they were left! We will be tracking all of the right answers and one of those may get a prize, too!

You can find photos of the Orange Southie Army Men posted on all these sites:
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Have you found any Orange Southie Army Men? Where were you when you found them? Let us know!

Want to find out more about the Scavenger in Southie – a fun event in South Boston on September 1st? Click here.


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