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Introducing Southie WOD – Workout of the Day Scavenger Hunt Style

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In honor of one of our newest sponsors – Crossfit Southie – Scavenger in Southie is launching WOD or Workout of the Day. Crossfit athletes worldwide complete the same daily exercise program and can compare their times, repetitions, or other parts of the workout with other athletes.

Workout of the DayThe Scavenger in Southie WOD will help prepare you for Scavenger Hunt Day on September 1, 2012 in South Boston, MA. Each day we will post a clue or question related to a location here in Southie. Your challenge is to answer the question, decipher the clue, or find the place and take a photo. Show me you know Southie! And even if you don’t, participating will get you kudos AND warmed up for scavenger hunt day!

Rules & Tips: 

  1. Respond with your answers HERE on the blog, on facebook, or twitter.
  2. Use photos where possible.
  3. All places are definitely in South Boston, MA, unless otherwise noted. 😉
  4. Clues and Questions will be posted in the morning. Answers in the evening. SAME DAY!

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