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Southie WOD – Day 1 – The Ghost Army

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I would start somewhere in these 675,000 square feet here if I wanted to find some inspiration to make a Ghost Army to fake out my enemies.

Ghost Army?

The answer after the jump…

John J Moakley Courthouse

Photo Credit:

The John Joseph Moakley Courthouse was built in 1999, serves as US District Court for Massachusetts, and it is the first thing I see when I drive over Seaport Boulevard into South Boston. On foot, the Harbor Walk wraps around the building, Fan Pier Plaza and the Daily Catch. The Daily Catch is a nice shady spot I grabbed a tasty bite (and Sweet Tea!!) and watched people and ships go back and forth in Boston Harbor.

As neat as the Courthouse is to look at we found out that there are some pretty cool things inside too. Ellsworth Kelly, an American Color Field and Minimalist painter, is a World War II veteran that was commissioned to create 21 paintings for the courthouse. During World War II he served within the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops that produced ‘The Ghost Army” for the Allies in Europe. The Ghost Army was comprised of inflatable tanks, actors and audio recordings used to deceive the German Army.

What is a Southie WOD? Read how to play. Read more about a real scavenger hunt in Southie on September 1st and Register to Play.


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