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Southie WOD – Day 2 – Kelly’s Landing

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Shamrock at Kelly's LandingWhy are the words “Kelly’s Landing” imprinted in the concrete on the Harbor Walk at the intersection of William J. Day Blvd and Farragut Road? What kind of facility was it? Where did it go?

The answer is after the jump…

It went to Ft. Lauderdale, FL? Apparently so, but not before building a reputation worthy of a monument on the Harbor Walk. Kelly’s Landing was a waterfront restaurant that originally opened in 1927. We didn’t have any idea what it was until we got a map from the Boston Historical Society that gave us a clue. The restaurant was famous for fried clams and actually had moved to an L Street location for a few years.

Kelly's Landing

Kellys Landing

Kelly’s Landing’s current logo. Look familiar?

I want to know. Have you been to Kelly’s Landing – either in the original location or in Fort Lauderdale, FL?

What is a Southie WOD? Read how to play. Read more about a real scavenger hunt in Southie on September 1st and Register to Play.


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