Scavenger in Southie

Literally finding 100 new reasons to love South Boston.

Southie WOD – Day 3 – Reaching New Heights

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“You want me to drag a cannon up there? Really?” General George Washington said “yes” at this monumental Southie location.

I pulled an easy one for yall. Let’s see how many people can get this right! What other facts to do you know about this location? Tell me all of them in the comments below!

The answer after the jump…

Dorchester Heights

Dorchester Heights

Dorchester Heights is where that conversation probably took place. Most everyone in South Boston has been to Dorchester heights to either watch the Fourth of July fireworks or see the monument itself. I like going up to the heights to look at downtown Boston and the beach.

What are your favorite views of the Heights?

Downtown Boston

A stormy view of downtown Boston from the Heights





What is a Southie WOD? Read how to play. Read more about a real scavenger hunt in Southie on September 1st and Register to Play.


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