Scavenger in Southie

Literally finding 100 new reasons to love South Boston.

Southie WOD – Pigskin

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Fall is coming and that means FOOTBALL!! We can’t wait; this is the only place to watch someone kick a regulation field goal in Southie.

Can you tell my husband is from Texas?

Answers after the jump…

Saunders Stadium. This location is a great example old intersecting new. I have no idea when the stadium was built (anyone?) but it looks like gladiators could have used it. In contrast the field is the latest in artificial field turf that uses ground up tires as a cushion. The stadium is located in Moakley Park that is a bustling hive of activity during the afternoons when a hundred different sports teams are there practicing. I’ve seen ultimate frisbee teams, soccer, baseball, and maybe even a bocce team or two.

Saunders Stadium Paul J Saunders
Downtown Boston via Saunders Stadium #findmeinsouthie orange dudes protecting Saunders

Just on the north side of the stadium is the statue of James Connolly, America’s first modern Olympic champions. He won the triple jump (the called the hop, step and jump) in 1896. That was after he left Harvard because the school wouldn’t allow him to compete. How many things would you leave Harvard for?

James Connolly South Boston James Brendan Connolly Plaque

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