Scavenger in Southie

Literally finding 100 new reasons to love South Boston.

Become a Partner or Sponsor

Looking for Partners & Sponsors

Scavenger in Southie is looking for partners & sponsors in Southie residents, local businesses, or organizations to help plan and donate funds to the event. Any individual or organization can become a Scavenger in Southie Sponsor, and I will work with you to develop creative benefits for your partnership.

4 Benefits to Becoming a Partner or Sponsor

  • Logo – A sponsor logo and link will be placed on the Scavenger in Southie website and all social media. If you don’t have a website, I will help you set up a website, LinkedIn account, or other social media so you can get recognition for your support.
  • Feature article – The Scavenger in Southie blog will feature an interesting and unique story about the partner, their interests, or special projects.
  • Scavenger Hunt Stop – Sponsors will have the opportunity to serve as a stop on the Scavenger Hunt route, Amazing Race-style! Stops on the route will be able to interact with their community, showcase products, and have access to new customers – and really just have fun. Sponsors without a physical location can claim one in the public areas around South Boston – we will help you design a fun stop on the route!
  • “#findmeinsouthie” icon – Sponsors will be sent an icon of a toy soldier to “hide” on their websites. The icon will link back to the Scavenger in Southie website, and Sponsors can encourage their customers to find the link on their site and play in the game on their site, providing prizes or discounts for winners.

There are many other opportunities and we can custom-create sponsorship packages based on your business or organization!

Contact Scavenger in Southie Today to Become a Partner or Sponsor

Are you looking to contribute? Any Partner will be featured here on Scavenger in Southie. Please leave a comment below or on the Contact page if you’re interested in contributing.


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