Scavenger in Southie

Literally finding 100 new reasons to love South Boston.

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WWII Vet Joined Service at 16, Fought Korea, Vietnam

Yesterday morning, after a grueling night of drafting clues for your Southie scavenger hunt, I went to Joseph’s Italian Bakery and grabbed an iced coffee and an apple turnover. On my way back, I came upon an elderly gentleman in khaki pants, suspenders, and a black cap with “World War II Veteran” embroidered on the front. I had seen Edward Hamilton walking down L St in South Boston several times before, but I had always been nervous before and hadn’t said hello (yes, even after I decided to host a scavenger hunt benefiting veterans). But, this time I did.

Ed, as he introduced himself, just celebrated his 87th birthday with his four daughters.

E 7th


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Southie WOD – Pigskin

Fall is coming and that means FOOTBALL!! We can’t wait; this is the only place to watch someone kick a regulation field goal in Southie.

Can you tell my husband is from Texas?

Answers after the jump…

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Will the real South Boston please stand up?

South Boston from Saunders Field

South Boston from Saunders Field

If you’ve lived in Southie for a minute you know about Hollywood’s push to bring reality T.V. to South Boston. Or, maybe you’ve seen the Real Housewives of South Boston on YouTube. Personally, I try not to take it too seriously  because it is not the real Southie I see day in and day out at all, and this is part of the reason I decided to create a scavenger hunt showcasing the best of Southie. There were other reasons, like supporting veterans and learning more about Southie myself.

Yesterday, native Southie residents Maureen Dahill of Caught in Southie and her husband Peter Gailunas spoke with NPR’s Robin Young about their Southie reality. Here’s the clip, but click here to see photos and get more info on the story from NPR.

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What do People Say About Southie? We Asked, and They Said…

 As you all know, I haven’t lived in Southie for very long. I do like talking to people about what they love about this place though, so I asked a few of my friends to walk down Day Blvd one day and ask people what they thought about the little place that used to be “Dorchester Neck.”

And what did they say? Check it out! You might recognize a few of your neighbors…

Videography courtesy of The Bean Screen.

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Southie WOD – Day 4 – Memories

This Southie place has two names that both start with the Letter “M” but there are way more than two things to do. You can watch a ball game, see the first veteran memorial for one American war, or play on the jungle gym to start. What South Boston place am I talking about?

The answer, after the jump…

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