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Literally finding 100 new reasons to love South Boston.

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Free Event for Vets – No Chit Chat Healing

General Ferriter Baghdad, Iraq

Have you heard about CranioSacral Therapy for veterans? About Face Healing, a Boston-based organization committed to providing integrative, holistic health care to veterans and their families, is hosting a free event.

Are you a veteran or family member interested in increased well-being & peace of mind, range of motion, less anxiety, & relief of pain or disruptive symptoms? This event is for you! No talking about what happened or what you’re going through required. Click the link below!

Boston CranioSacral Event for Veterans


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Southie Scavenger Hunt Route

Scavenger in Southie LogoThe scavenger hunt in South Boston is live! Wondering where people are going? If you didn’t sign up you can still tag along!

So, click on the link below, print out the page, and then GO to the places on the list. There will be markers there with our logo, and then complete the task. Any “words” listed on the markers can be collected and unscrambled to create a sentence unique to Southie. So fun! Follow us on twitter to see what people are doing RIGHT NOW!

Scavenger Hunt PLAN

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Southie WOD – Day 7 – A Knight in Uniform

Who is this man?

Although never a pilot himself, this South Boston native, General officer, and lifelong veteran supporter is frequently associated with one of the largest airports in the world.

Who am I talking about?

Answer after the jump…

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