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Donate to the VFW

How to Donate Funds

I can accept donations via Paypal and check. All funds go directly to the VFW Post 6536 – the Paypal button on the right goes directly to their account (not me!) and please make checks following the directions here. I am asking you mail checks to me so I can track the funds. All funds will be presented to the VFW during the awards ceremony on September 1st!

Please make checks out to: “Andrew Square VFW Post 6536”

Please mail checks to:

Scavenger in Southie c/o Victoria Montemayor

200 L St APT 2

Boston, MA 02127

South Boston VFW Post 6536

Are you “on the court” or “in the stands” in the game of life?

I took a challenge from my friend Jeneen Terrana (who is holding a fundraiser in NYC) to raise $50,000 for the Andrew Square VFW.

So why the VFW?

My husband is a two-time veteran of the War in Afghanistan, and I went to Iraq last year for 7 months with the Department of Defense. Andrew Square Post Quartermaster Paul Egan mentioned the vets of Iraq & Afghanistan were especially difficult to connect with, and he wants to make sure they know of the veterans services available at the VFW and that vets get any help they need sooner than they have in the past. The most recent statistic I have seen is that every 80 minutes a veteran from Iraq or Afghanistan commits suicide. Read: The War Zone at Home.

Because the VFW is primarily a social and community-building organization, I felt they had the most flexibility in creating community among veterans and residents. Building community and friendship is an important step in addressing larger, more serious issues like PTSD. My father is not a U.S. citizen and even he visits the VFW regularly in my hometown in Texas and has many friendships with U.S. veterans. I see the VFW as a great organization to expose the rest of the community to veteran needs, but many VFWs have such low membership levels that they can’t make decisions as a group. If I can start community conversations about veterans I believe residents will start to see new possibilities for working together they haven’t seen before.


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