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WWII Vet Joined Service at 16, Fought Korea, Vietnam

Yesterday morning, after a grueling night of drafting clues for your Southie scavenger hunt, I went to Joseph’s Italian Bakery and grabbed an iced coffee and an apple turnover. On my way back, I came upon an elderly gentleman in khaki pants, suspenders, and a black cap with “World War II Veteran” embroidered on the front. I had seen Edward Hamilton walking down L St in South Boston several times before, but I had always been nervous before and hadn’t said hello (yes, even after I decided to host a scavenger hunt benefiting veterans). But, this time I did.

Ed, as he introduced himself, just celebrated his 87th birthday with his four daughters.

E 7th


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Free Event for Vets – No Chit Chat Healing

General Ferriter Baghdad, Iraq

Have you heard about CranioSacral Therapy for veterans? About Face Healing, a Boston-based organization committed to providing integrative, holistic health care to veterans and their families, is hosting a free event.

Are you a veteran or family member interested in increased well-being & peace of mind, range of motion, less anxiety, & relief of pain or disruptive symptoms? This event is for you! No talking about what happened or what you’re going through required. Click the link below!

Boston CranioSacral Event for Veterans

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Southie WOD – Pigskin

Fall is coming and that means FOOTBALL!! We can’t wait; this is the only place to watch someone kick a regulation field goal in Southie.

Can you tell my husband is from Texas?

Answers after the jump…

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#findmeinsouthie – What to do when you find an orange toy soldier in Southie

Scavenger in Southie LogoSo you found a meticulously spray painted toy soldier tagged “SCAVENGER IN SOUTHIE” somewhere in South Boston? Maybe it was a mailbox, on your bike tire, or on a window sill. Fantastic! You probably Googled it to find out what the heck it was and landed here!

My plan worked!

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Interested in Joining the Hunt?

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Hunt Day is near and we have plenty of mini events and other news lined up for you guys that we post to our other social media sites. We are on twitter, facebook, pinterest, flickr, and now foursquare! Check us out for other, exculsive information on each site that you might not find here.

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The War Zone at Home

Andrew Square VFW Post 6536

Andrew Square VFW Post 6536

Why more Vets are Dying in America than those Overseas

Paul Egan had his wedding reception in the hall at the Andrew Square VFW Post 6536 in South Boston, MA, while he was on leave from war in Vietnam. He’s seen hundreds of functions held there, from christenings, to birthdays, and at one time Boy and Girl Scout meetings. Hidden behind the Andrew Square T stop in an unassuming tan building, the VFW actually reminded me of rest stops in Kuwait on our way into and out of the Middle East.

Paul has been Quartermaster at the Andrew Square VFW since 2007. One of 14 children, three of his eight brothers went to Vietnam in 1969. By 1972, all four of the Egans had returned – something virtually unheard of.

“I can’t reach them…”

He has dealt with numerous demons himself, but Mr. Egan’s number one concern is that he “can’t reach the new guys. The new vets don’t want to go get help.” He’s talking about the new veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America organization has over 200,000 members, and the estimated actual numbers of veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars hovers around 2 million. Who Mr. Egan is really talking about I think, though, are the veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan here in South Boston.

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VFW South Boston ID Card

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Andrew Square VFW Post #6536 Now Official Beneficiary!

It is now official

Scavenger in Southie can now start accepting donations to benefit the Andrew Square VFW Post 6536 in South Boston!

I spent an amazing two hours last night speaking with the Quartermaster and other veterans and will be updating ALL weekend with posts and photos of my visit. I might have some video, too! These are amazing men, open and honest with themselves and the stories that shaped – and continue to shape – their lives.

Register to Play in the scavenger hunt or Donate to the VFW here on the site.

VFW Interview Notes

Notes from my interview – and video too! I didn’t come fully prepared and had to borrow an envelope to continue writing. I wasn’t expecting this!

Interested in this story and want to get involved? Know a vet in South Boston? Have you ever even seen the VFW building? Leave a comment below.