Scavenger in Southie

Literally finding 100 new reasons to love South Boston.

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Real World Scavenger Hunt – Running History Lessons

This is a guest blog post by my husband, Erik. Erik runs every morning in Southie around Joe Moakley Park. One day I took a walk down there and met him while he was doing situps on the turf. I told him I was finding all sorts of fun facts about Southie on my walk based on a map by the South Boston Historical Society, and he told me about runs he frequently did while in school at West Point.

Schools with deep and long histories have often institutionalized ways of making those stories stay alive. My alma matter has a week-long “orientation” called Fish Camp where new students go just to learn about the history of Texas A&M. It almost becomes a badge of honor to be able to recite stats and histories of statues, parks, and other buildings on campus.

Have a Southie story to share? Email me at & check out photos I took on walks in Southie this week on flickr.

But first, here’s Erik’s story:

The Long Gray Run

USMA Cadet Chapel

USMA Cadet Chapel

One of the most fascinating attributes of our United States Military Academies is the massive amount of history that seems to leak out of every spot on campus. Continue reading